Saturday, 21 March 2015

Buena Vista - Rovira

This is how I imagine Colombia. A few days on a finca where Coffee is grown. Great views and experience.

Rice pudding with cheese

Coffee beans drying 

Monday, 16 March 2015


Is on the way to Cali from Bogota and only 1 hour from Rovira, Valle de San JuanVilla Restrepo.
There is a Migration Office where you can extend your stamp for 90 days more, photos are taken in the office. You will need your passport, onward ticket and payment Col. $80,000.00. Address: (Centro Facilitador de Services Migratorios Calle 10 # 8-07 Tel: 273 1018)
Private Medical: Clinica Centro Medico La Qunita. Carrera 5a No. 39-72 Tel: 2648795
There are many markets in town known as plazas. Fruit is also sold on the street.
Taxis have meters and are cheap

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Valle de San Juan Tolima

Only an hour from Ibague.
The geographical setting of the village comprises a series of mountain slopes, where articulate small flat areas formed by materials in rainy seasons, that are located in the foothills and have permanent water of small creeks which running perpendicular to the direction of geographic valley sense. The area around San Juan Valley is composed of fertile soil in which valleys and plains are denoted and where you can see large crops of corn; its main agricultural product. There are also rivers and streams that punctuate the landscape with a forest of medium height.

La Moto

Fruit for sale on the road to San Juan



Main road to San Juan

Pineapple juice



Feliz dia de mujeres

Breakfast time

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Cabo de San Juan Tayrona

One of Colombia's best beaches found in parque Tayrona

2hr boat trip from the bay of Taganga, normally only 1hr, but our trip was a very rough ride; cold, wet and a mouth full of salt water.

Start of the 2 hr walk to the main highway

There was 2 horses available

Thursday, 26 February 2015


Great place to base yourself for tours to Tayrona national Park and Sierra Nevada. Once was a fishing village, now many hotels and restaurants. The beach is very dirty. We stayed at Hostel Pelican 100 mill / night for 4 people.

Walking to the next bay

View of bay

Fruit juice

Mango juice


Camarones and rice


Dirty beach and stinks of piss