Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Risking It All To See The World

I have left it to the last minute to organise my big adventure, which is very unusual for me. I normally have it all sorted, by just concentrating on putting money away and only leaving buying the fights within a month of setting off!   
Well I booked our flights well over 9 months ago for me & my daughter Jodie. As I had the money at the time to do so and hopefully  to buy the tickets at the best price. 
I always have the idea to travel to some far tropical place in the back of my mind, so no excuses when Jodie told me she could take time of work, so I booked in advance.

Now with exactly a month to go I am was still finishing off my house after a water leak that did a lot of damage and my tenant was moving in on this day.

Say you will meet up but it never happens

In one way moving out from my home has given me the chance to get all those jobs done, throw out, sell or give away all the unwanted things I have been collecting. Also it a good time to see friends and family I have kept meaning to visit.
Everyone I have seen has wished me good luck and said it is a great opportunity to do so. I had one friend question me Andy and he had noticed I was not organised with my travel adventure. He asked that my plan had kept changing with what I was going to do after my daughter flies back after 10 weeks travelling together. It got me thinking that am I doing the right thing? “Second thoughts” Of giving up the comfort of my own home and a good business I have created. The next day when I woke-up and thought of the reasons I am going and is hard to explain to someone who has never travelled or has a sense of adventure. I am also in a position where I can travel for a long period as I don’t have a partner and my daughter who is 18 is travelling with me for the first 10 weeks. So I might be giving up a lot and risking it all, but nothing ventured nothing gained! 
Andy was asking me how I am going to fund my travels and what about my future when I retire. I said I have not saved enough for my travels, like I mentioned above I have not put all my effort in to saving I have been spending more in coffee shops instead of putting money in my bank account and I have also been to Spain 3 times in the last 9 months! Of course I will have an income from renting my house and from small fee’s from my business. But I still need to pay the mortgage and tax bills. My plan that keeps changing when I finally arrive in Colombia is uncertain as I don’t know the situation until I arrive. Also 2 months travelling with Jodie across Mexico will give me the time to relax away from work and I will finger it out! Also gives me the chance to spend time with Jodie as we cook and eat our way across Mexico.

Set in my ways

The reason I fill it’s time to give up my life in England, is I fill set in my ways and the world has a lot to offer. My friend Andy asks am I running away. Maybe he is right! I could find a girlfriend in the UK and even take time out and travel together, from long weekends away camping to 1 month trips to faraway places. And even build my business and have a very comfortable Life. “Sounds good” but it has not happened so far!
That makes me fill like my life is mapped out, by that I mean I like to live each day and by having a plan you are tied to it, where’s I can change if things don’t work out or other options come available.  I am quite aware you need to work at things or any relationship, I built my business up from scratch and has grown in to a large network. It has been great to help others start their own business in the process and it feels good to leave the business name still working. My business has been setup in mind that if I want to take time out, it won’t cost the earth to start again. I do like challenges, by being put in the deep-end you have to get on with it and make it work, where’s being comfortable you become set in your ways and lazy!

More time than money

I will have the opportunity to visit out of the way places, by staying with the locals and the time to enjoy the experience that cannot be explained, unless you have been there. Time is of the essence, as I can travel and stop as long as I wish in places that have the feel good factor. 
It’s an adventure, challenge and a great experience as I enjoy to travel Latin America for its history, culture, traditions, music, food and most of all its people. 

Travel open's your mind

I like to live life to the fullest, I also like to share my experiences and knowledge with others. I have found that I have encouraged others to start their own business and to try camper-vaning. I also hope that people like what I eat “real food” and give it a go. I don’t want to change the world, but travelling opens your mind as you see people very poor and very rich but more poor. The only way we can have an input to peoples life’s is education and holding on to our roots, traditions and passing them on to our children. We can choose where we spend our hard earned cash and don’t give it to large greedy companies that control many lives around the world, but spend at small local businesses that don’t damage the environment in the process.

Convenient and fast = quick profit for the few and long term misery for many.    

Happy Travels in 2015 

Thursday, 2 October 2014

San Sebastian

also known as Donostia in Basque.
We camped at Igueldo Camping only a few k's from the center, taking the bus No.16 from outside the campsite which made it easy to explore the center of the old city and walking all the way along the bay to the far end, where you can hop on off the bus.

The lovely bay de la Chonca 


Fishing port

Sardines. You can find fish restaurants along the far side of the port. 

Pintxos bars found on every street in the center, good way to try different pintxos and local wines

Video from our road trip across the beautiful back roads of Spain and wherever our sat-nav took us.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Parque Natural de Cazorla

is a natural park in the eastern and northeastern part of the province of Jaén, Spain. With an area of 2,099.2 square kilometres is the second largest in Europe

The town of Cazorla on the edge of the park

View of Parque Natural de Cazorla

Tree leaves starting to change colour

Fallow Deer

Guadalquivir River

Camping puente de las herrerias

Mountain water

Walk along the Guadalquivir River valley

Using the Black Rapid Yeti Camera strap, made life easy carrying 2 cameras. 

Waterfall waiting for the rains

Friday, 26 September 2014

Parque Natural Las Lagunas de Ruidera

We arrived here at night and was lovely surprise when we woke up in the morning, as I knew nothing about this place.
15 small lakes, That are connected by falls, small rivers as well as subterranean flow and the area is considered as the source of Guadiana River.

Lake with small falls

And great for cycling

Thursday, 25 September 2014


known as one of the best rock climbing areas in Spain.

The town of Chlilla

Its limestone canyon shaped by the Turia river

2 hour walk

Charco azul


Our Sat-Nav took us through a 2 hour drive on single track road without seeing any cars until we went though Abejuela, with a population of only 68 inhabitants.

Main street though Abejuela

Tthe road from Manzanera to Abejuela

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


located in the province of Álava, in the north of Spain "Basque country" and Rioja wine. Medieval town with Sierra de Cantabria clearly seen to the north.

We stopped for tapa "Pimento Padron" in Laguardia

Monday, 22 September 2014

Chateau Des Roques

The start of our road trip to Spain.
We took the ferry to calais and decided to drive on the toll roads, to save time and we believe fuel, as we can keep a steady speed of 68 mph.
The cost of tolls to drive across France is 100 euros more or less and a tank and 1/2 of diesel from London, we split the costs.
We took a detour to meet with my cousin, about an hours drive from the toll road and stayed the night.
The next day we had a tour and wine tasting.

Grapes waiting to be picked

Our lunch time meal

Chateau Des Roques

For dinner my cousin treated us out for a meal. 
We like our meat cooked Bleu – Done on a very hot grill for one minute on each side

Grape picker for collecting grapes from vines that are more than 5 years old or younger than 30 years 

Down to the cellar.
In 1837, as there was a disease that was effecting the vines so all the vineyards decided to dig up all the vines. This took 30 years.
To make a living, they dug the lime stone under the Chateaus, that was sold and used for building in Bordeaux. They then used the mine as a cellar. 

Modern vates 

Barrels made of French oak and cost 600 euros each and used for 4 years before sold to the Irish for the use for whiskey.

De Roques St Emilion wine

Monday, 30 June 2014

Ibiza Stag Weekend

Lift from airport by a guy we meet in the airport, we had to pile in to his small car.

Quad biking around island

Great food at Cala d'Hort

Maricas at Cala Comte

Hiring bikes in Formentera along Ses Llletes

Bay Watch 

Keeping beers cold at Ses Llletes

Great restaurant at Ses Lllletes

Quad bike video

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

20 Years Since My First Travel Adventure. I am celebrating With Sharing My Photos On Instagram

View my highlights on Instagram Martins Photo Blog 

I first hit the road and started backpacking around the world on my first adventure back in 1994. And I want to celebrate by giving thanks, by looking back at all the beautiful people and places that have changed my life. 

I have put a collection on my Instagram gallery for you to view, of all the beautiful places I have visited.