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The Beautiful Islands Of Fiji

Bula. The Beautiful Islands Of Fiji In The South Pacific. Second round the world trip ,this time going the Other way and travelling with my nice Michelle. Give back the time I gained going the other way.

View from Oarsman's resorts. Yasawa's

Sunset in the Yasawa group of islands

Singing David’s place

Turtle Airways Fly to the Yasawa’s In ½ hour.With fantastic views Turtle Airways Tel: (679) 6721 888 Luggage limit for a seaplane transport is 33 lbs per person.

Awesome Adventures

After arriving at Nadi Airport Early morning.

There is a cash point in the Airport.

Taxi outside. Ask how much before getting in, to take you to the harbour For the Yasawa’s. Ask the taxi to stop at a mini market and buy a bottle of rum and some fruit.

There will be Fijian ladies trying to sell you accommodation and transfers to the resorts in the Yasawa’s. They will add the 10% and tell you need to book 4 days minimum.

You can arrange accommodation at the harbour. Or take the sea plane for fast transf…

New Zealand Homestay WWOOF

My first time WWOOF'ing!(Willing Workers on Organic Farms.) at Waipare Homestead. Anaura Bay, Gisborne. New Zealand. East coast North Island. The hosts Louia and Scrubbs were fantastic. Scrubbs is in to surfing and was well relaxed cool guy. Louia is a Mari and run's the homestead, both were great to talk to. There was no tv or newspapers and was about 1/2 drive from the nearest shop. I would do about 3 hours work a day in the large gardens and then the rest of the day to do whatever I wanted. Scrubbs would be surfing if the conditions were good, if not he would take me to see his cool friends, to a bar in Gibson or to the cinema. We even drove to a nearby beach and smoked marijuana.

Homestead built in the 1880's
A great old house in a fantastic location. 
Honey lee and Juliet
View of the bay.


My first time to Mexico. Travelling for 2 months with my niece Michelle this is our first stop travelling around the world.
Arrived Cancun late evening .WAHOO WE ARE HERE Got taxi bus to down town Cancun, Staying at the Hotel el Alux for one night, had shower straight out to eat and have a well needed cerveza.

Next morning took the bus to Tulum about 3 hrs Staying at Don Armando Cabanas Right on the beech. Went straight to the sea for a swim, and could see the Maya ruins.

Fantastic. It’s a greet place to relax. disco at night and plenty of Tequila.

9/10/02 Walked to Maya ruins, only a 1k walk. Opens at 7 am Good to go early much cooler, best time to take photos and no tourist’s.
15/10/02 Moved on to Tulum town Staying at the Weary traveller Hostel, opposite the bus station

Maya ruins Tulum
2 1/2 h. bus to Chichen Itza UNESCO World Heritage Site Took taxi 2 1/2 k’s to Piste staying at Hotel Posada Olalde. 17/10/02 Walked to the ruins.8 am one of the first to go in It was amazing to s…

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