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My first time to Mexico. Travelling for 2 months with my niece Michelle this is our first stop travelling around the world.
Arrived Cancun late evening .WAHOO WE ARE HERE Got taxi bus to down town Cancun, Staying at the Hotel el Alux for one night, had shower straight out to eat and have a well needed cerveza.

Next morning took the bus to Tulum about 3 hrs Staying at Don Armando Cabanas Right on the beech. Went straight to the sea for a swim, and could see the Maya ruins.

Fantastic. It’s a greet place to relax. disco at night and plenty of Tequila.

9/10/02 Walked to Maya ruins, only a 1k walk. Opens at 7 am Good to go early much cooler, best time to take photos and no tourist’s.
15/10/02 Moved on to Tulum town Staying at the Weary traveller Hostel, opposite the bus station

Maya ruins Tulum

2 1/2 h. bus to Chichen Itza UNESCO World Heritage Site Took taxi 2 1/2 k’s to Piste staying at Hotel Posada Olalde.
17/10/02 Walked to the ruins.8 am one of the first to go in It was amazing to see the piramide de Kukulan Walked up the 91 steps, great views, Done this twice. Walked all round the site great day .

Chichen Itza

Now in Merida only stayed one night great town lots of old buildings, staying in a old hotel with a Spanish feel. Had dinner at the plaza.

Bus to Campeche (Historic City UNESCO World Heritage Site) Staying at hotel Lopez for 2 nights bad stomach. Now feeling better found a new backpackers just opened, looking over the plaza from the roof-top Fantastic and great people running it.
The owner Juan took 5 of us from the backpackers to the little known and visited ruins of Edzna. My favourite of the Maya sites and then to a restaurant over looking the sea, great food then he took us to the beach. The next day Juan took me to his house and I met his family, he saved my photos to Cd.

Michelle & I relaxing on the rooftop of hostel. 


Long bus ride to Palenque UNESCO World Heritage Site. The next day went to the ruins, and to waterfalls misol-ha and to agua azul for a nice cool dip.


Agua azul

Bus to San Cristobal de las casas. Staying at hostel La casa di gladys .Great town lots of churches
27/10/02 Got up early the clocks had gone backwards 1 hour did not know went to the local bus station we had to wait 1 hour so went in to a cafeteria only Mexicans there,  also no menu I asked for  tostadas –fried tortilla with avocado, chicken and cheese very nice I had two. got the mini bus to Canon del sumidero 2 hrs through the mountains great views drove above the clouds ,driving on the edge And then 2 hr boot ride through the canon. The canon is 1k high .Lots of coke cola bottles in the river, see crocodiles .On the return to San cristobal de las casas we got the local bus back fantastic and very cheap, Mexican music playing stopping and picking up more people as we went over the mountains, with there sacks,  not much room but every body squashed on a great experience .

28/10/02 Left hostel and paid for 1 week Spanish lesions and stayed with a family .Great food 3 times a day with the Mexican family.

2/11/02 Day of the dead .Went to the cemetery, lots of people music flowers .

In the zocalo/plaza mariachi playing lot of great music, good place to relax in the evening.

3/11/02 Visit to the village Chamula. Walked up the near by hill ,great view of the village. Went in to the church we take candles, we sat on the floor and lit the candles, and we drunk posh a very strong white rum ,made in the village drunk by the Indians. The church was full of different saints in glass boxes with a mirror round there neck to ward of bad spirits. They hold rituals-they sacrifice chickens. Then back to San crisobal de las casas for dinner with a local family and a beer and chat made it a special day.

For a 14 year old girl who live in the village of Chamula its not unusual to be married and have a child, the average family have 8 children.

iglesia en san cristobal de las casas

 Spanish School

Canon del sumidero


Playa Mazunte

Playa Escondida

On to Acapulco then to Mexico City before flying to Fiji. 

Mexico City Zocalo

Pyramids Teotihuacan UNESCO World Heritage Site


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