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37 days (16 Sep 2003 - 23 Oct 2003) 22203 km (13796 miles) . I was lucky to travel here. With my friend Juan, who I have known since I was 8 years old. When he first came to England from Bolivia. I returned to Bolivia with him and travelled From Cochabamba to Santa Cruz and on to Trinidad. Stopping at Chapare. And returning via San Juan, San Javier and San Pedro. Below are some images from my 6 weeks in Bolivia.
Great people. Make you feel like you have known them all your life. Great food I looked forward to salteñas at around 10.30 am. sweet meat pastries, filled with beef or chicken with a soupy sauce of peas, egg, raisins, olives and potatoes. And drinking chichi made from maize can be made with a very strong amount of alcohol. Played Cacho a Bolivian drinking game involving a cup and five dice. Played in every bar. Always guaranteed to leave drunk. Also played a game rayuela where you throw a coin into a hole. And if you lose you have to drink.

Cristo de la concordia  About 2800 …


Stuart Highway is 2834 kilometres. From Darwin to Augusat

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