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Viñales Cuba

Just booked 2 weeks in Cuba with my brother John. We have only booked flights and looking to stay with a family.
After landing in Havana, showed our travel card to passport control "with hotel plaza named on travel card as our place to stay" and went straight though to exit.
A lady hanging outside the airport gave us a card to a Casa Paticula in Havana. We showed the card to a taxi driver as a place we wanted to go and sheared the taxi with 2 Italians who had also just landed. After dropping the Italians off at their hotel , we stopped somewhere in Havana and the driver shouted out the window of the taxi and from apartment above, a man shouted back "no room available here" and he run down the stairs and he jumped in the taxi and directed the driver though the streets. We was taken to a Casa Paticula in China Town.  Casa Alex, was a very nice place and was welcomed by Alex and his family. We unpacked took a shower and went out for a beer in China Town. There was man…

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