El Floridita bar. Where Ernest Hemingway frequented the bar.

Camel bus

Cuba the largest island in the Caribbean
Is a nature's lovers paradise, with rain forests, swamps, a large limestone cave system, beaches and coral-reef's.

Salsa and music heard beating. Old buildings and cars still set in the 50's. Cuba has something for everyone.
It is rewording to discover for your self. I have been twice to Cuba and spent a total of 6 weeks. Staying in casa’s particulars. I often hear from people who visited Cuba that they did not like it. They did not like the food and being hassled by the local Cubans. Was the main complaints. But for me Cuba is a wonderful place and you are warmly welcome. Cuba is different That’s what makes it unique.

It’s the Cuban way. And you just go along with it and you will have a time you will cherish.


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