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Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba

Main Plaza 

Goat and cart with children can take rides on a Sunday at Plaza de la Revolucion

View inside casa particular

Christmas Mexico

Home made Tamales being prepared.

Solo adventure Mexico

I love Mexico. Great people, food, culture and history

Plaza Campeche


The Olmec-Mayan ruins at Comalcalca, near the moden city of Villahermosa in the State of Tabasco.
This site was built with kiln fired bricks

Tikal and Flores Guatemala

Flores is situated on a island in Lake Peten Itza, 45 minutes by road from Tikal National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site. "Another amazing place in Guatemala." Tikal the largest known Mayan city,
Temple 1 with early morning mist
Howler monkeys swing through the branches. 
Temple 1 rises 47 meters
Temple 2
Temple 1 & main plaza

Temple 1
The main plaza 
Temples 1, 2 & 3 as seen from temple 5.  Towering pyramids rise above the jungle of more than 44 meters.
Temple 5 64 meters is the highest temple at Tikal.  With metal ladder to the side, a steep climb for a fantastic view.
Temples 1 & 2
The Great Pyramid at El Mundo Perido "The Lost World" comprises of 38 structures.
Temple 1
Temple 1 midday 

Bump start our bus
And a tow to get started Flores 

Semuc Champey Guatemala

Semuc Champey "one of mother natures paradises"  I started and booked the tour from the town of Coban about a 2 1/2 hour drive. Semuc Champey which means "Where the river hides under the earth." Is a natural limestone bridge, under which passes the Cahabon River. On top the bridge is a series of 6 stepped natural turquoise pools.
Our mini tour bus
Photo Stop
Wash day
Start of the walk to the pools
Waterfalls from where the pools water joins the Cahabon River

Water running in to the next pool
Cahabon River before it enters under the pools
A view from the lookout "El Mirador" after climbing the trail above Semuc Champey and gazing down upon the series of 6 cascading turquoise pools, deep in the jungle. Underneath the pools, runs the underwater Cahabon River. The pool's water is feed by the rainwater that trickles down the small creeks from either side of the valley and not by the Cahabon River
Great for a swim after a hike to "El Mirador" on a hot day.…

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