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Solo adventure Vinales Cuba

Viñales one of my favorite places to stay. With the feel of a great community and always made to feel welcome. Good place to relax and to make base for a visit to Cayo Jutias and María la Gorda. There are plenty of casa particulars to choose from no need to book. And only 2 hours from Havana. 

The Viñales Valley a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in Pinar del Río province where mogotes, hills with rounded tops and steep slopes, contrast harmoniously with the flat surface of the valley. Can be found just a short walk from Viñales main street

Old man selling cigars 

Horse and rider 

Chicas Stopping me for a photo

Mum and son sitting by lake

Having a beer with a local (You may see this chico)

The main street

Poor horse 


Family bike ride


La Revolucion 47 years anniversary 



View from bar

Main Street

Main street


 Hotel Horizontes Los Jazmines. Famous for its stupendous viewes over Vinales valley.

 Paintings old cars

 Rocking chairs  



Playing domino's 

Chicas with ice cream

Fruit Stall on the road from Vinales to Cueva de San Miguel


Trips from Vinales:
Cayo Jutias

The drive to Cayo Jutias in a 57 chevy. Paid for car and driver for the day, from Vinales

Filling up!

Photo stop

2 day stay at María la Gorda. I arranged the travel and stay in Vinales


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