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Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Beautiful Lake Atitlan


Lake Atitlan

Coffee Plantation La Antigua Guatemala

A day visit to a Coffee Plantation with the family I was staying with in La Antigua. From the Spanish school.
Making tortillas

Coffee beans
Children playing with fireworks 

Boy from next door taking a look.

Volcano Pacaya Guatemala

Taken the afternoon/evening tour to Volcano Pacaya from La Antigua Guatemala. About a hour or so bus ride and can be booked from anywhere in La Antigua. There is a small entrance fee to the park, you will be meet by the village children who will try to sell you a walking stick, that you probably won't need. After you make your way up the climb, you we see a group of local horsemen ready to give you a lift if you can't hike the trail. The whole tour takes about 6 hours and you return the same way you came. You will need walking shoes and take water and a snack. It can also get chilly at the top. 
Start of the hike. Farley steep climb at first. 
Taxi horse! For anyone who can't make the climb. 
First view of Volcano Pacaya, after about a hour and 20 minutes of hiking you will reach a point with a great view of the volcano.
Close up of lava

Walk to lava flow

The harden lava flows make uneven walking, but is a beautiful piece of nature to see and interesting.  It's like w…

Solo adventure La Antigua Guatemala

Guatemala Is an amazing place. It is better then I imagined! Spectacular scenery, Mayan traditions, great food and warm people. La Antigua Guatemala One of the oldest and most beautiful colonial cities in the Americas. Is a great place to start your travels to Guatemala.  Or to learn Spanish from one of the many language schools. You can even stay with a family while you learn Spanish. The people are very friendly. Tours Can be booked from agents in La Antigua. With a shuttle bus to and from other towns, tourist sights and airport.

Palacio de los Capitanes Generales with extinct Volcan Agua towering in the background.  La Antigua is a UNESCO World heritage site and has preserved its colonial charm.

Volcan de Augua looking over La Antigua from Cerro de Cruz.  You can take the hike at any time from La Antigua. It is recommended you go with a guide that takes the hike daily for free.  
Volcan de Augua looking over La Antigua
Santa Catalina Arch
View of Street, Santa Catalina Arch &…

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