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Tikal and Flores Guatemala

Flores is situated on a island in Lake Peten Itza, 45 minutes by road from Tikal National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site. "Another amazing place in Guatemala." Tikal the largest known Mayan city,

Temple 1 with early morning mist

Howler monkeys swing through the branches. 

Temple 1 rises 47 meters

Temple 2

Temple 1 & main plaza

Temple 1

The main plaza 

Temples 1, 2 & 3 as seen from temple 5. 
Towering pyramids rise above the jungle of more than 44 meters.

Temple 5 64 meters is the highest temple at Tikal. 
With metal ladder to the side, a steep climb for a fantastic view.

Temples 1 & 2

The Great Pyramid at El Mundo Perido "The Lost World" comprises of 38 structures.

Temple 1

Temple 1 midday 

Bump start our bus

And a tow to get started

Bars restaurants Flores 


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