Corleone and the Mafia Museum Sicily

Travelling to Sicily with my daughter for 5 days. Staying in Palermo.

I had not herd about the Mafia museum. Until I visit Palermo. We took the bus to Corleone from Palermo. Is about 1 & 1/2 hours.
The museum is very interesting and with a very good guide who explains everything.
She says many tourists, know about the Mafia from Hollywood and think the Godfather was filmed in Corleone. The town is good to walk. There is a Tourist information in the plaza opposite the bus stop. They will give you a map. Corleone Is a beautiful town and is nice to sit in the plaza in the evening and watch the world go by. I found the locals are friendly. Most people only visit for a day.

Mafia Museum in Corleone

Inside the Mafia Museum. Judicial and parliamentary commission archives

Poster "No Mafia"

One of the many photos on the walls in side the Mafia Museum

Around Corleone


View Of Corleone


  1. Great pic! I have just come back from Sicily. I 've been in this same places and I'm impressed about your photos. Cheers!


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