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Parrilladas del Sur

Parrilladas del Sur Bolivian Restaurant 020 7701 2367 Old Kent Road London SE1 5TY
Con mis amigos
Salteñas (click it to enlarge)
Sopa de Mani (Peanut soup) & Mocochinchi (Dried Peach Juice)
Fricasa Pork Stew
Silpancho It consists of a base layer of rice, followed by a layer of boiled and sliced potatoes, followed by a thin schnitzel-style meat, followed by another layer of chopped tomato, onion and parsley mixed together and topped with either one or two fried eggs.

Charquecan Dried beef with potatoes, corn and eggs
La cocina

Distriandina Colombian Cafe London

Distriandina Ltd Unit 6 Farrell Court Elephant Road, Walworth London, SE17 1LB

Empanadas, Tamale's &Arepa de chocolo See recipe to make arepas
Colombian products for sale

Hot chocolate & Bunuelo

juego de sapo colombiano


The island of Ortygia Syracuse, is a 2700 year old Greek city. And is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
Cathedral Piazza del Duomo
Columns outside the cathedral Castello Maniance

Villa Romana del Casale Sicily

The beautiful Mosaics at the Roman villa

The bikini girls mosaic, showing women playing sports.
A lot of the site is under a Perspex cover and work continues on the buildings. Only 2 rooms was open to view! Was very disappointing not to see more. See Trip Advisor first before deciding to go! Hopefully will be fully open next year, should be amazing to see.
The site did not open until 2.30 pm. Car parking was 1 Euro, 5 Euros entrance, under 15 years free. We drove from Taormina just over 2 hours, taking the A18 to Catania then the A19 towards Enna and the SS117b driving through Plazza Armerina. Following the signs to Villa Romana del Casale first the signs are in blue then brown and yellow!!!!

Etna Sicily

Mount Etna is a easy trip and can be seen from Taromina in a day. One of Europe's most famous volcanoes, capped with snow for much of the winter at about 3350m. As the volcano is still active, the landscape and height on Etna is constantly changing.
Walk around Bocca Nuova crater at 2920m 
Walk around the crater with cold sharp winds
Cloud cleared at the top, now we could view over the clouds
Inside the crater
Cable car up to (2500m)
At Rifugio Sapienza (1923m) and cratere
Don't step back!

Alcantara Gorge Sicily

The Alcantara Gorge lie just a short distance from Taormina. 
The Alcantara Gorges are deep incisions in volcanic rocks and cliffs, caused by the eruptions of Mount Etna.
Grey stone rock face patens
Spectacular rock face patens
You descend into the gorge on foot, or "by a lift" where the river can be followed for about 150 meters through mysterious shadowy rocky bends along the walls of the rock-face. Entrance 4 Euros

Around Taormina Sicily

Sicily's main tourist destination and most expensive, that makes a good base to visit Mt Etna. The center is a good place for shopping if you are looking for high quality designer items that are overpriced. You can save a little money by always asking for the price first and you can always try the next bar or ice cream parlor.  
At the Gambero Rosso restaurant. This place was full every night, it's a great place for seafood and outside dining in the old part of the city. Some restaurants where almost empty, due to being very expensive and the time of year.
Fish soup. Was my starter, not what I expected as I had also ordered a main course! Was very delicious. 
Manago Alimentari deli-contestant. Popped in here every day for drinks & snacks.
Real Sicilian Ice cream.  Take away is cheaper. But it's nice to indulge in the atmosphere by sitting outside and watching the world go by.  
Isola Bella

Teatro Greco Taormina Sicily

The ancient theater of Taormina, built early in the seventh century BC.
The tribunes
The amphitheater with magnificent views of Mt Etna and Taormina (Covered by cloud)

Villa Sara Taormina Sicily

(Details) Follow in my foot-steps:
6 Nights in Sicily with my daughter Jodie and my brother John. Starting in Taormina.
Flights to Catania: Booked with Diala Flight 020 8260 0040 email: Airline: Alitalia.

Taking bus from just outside airport to Taormina. Local bus (Interbus Company), find the departure time at:

Hotel B&B:Villa Sara Taormina.  Trip Advisor: > review Villa Sara - Via Leonardo da Vinci, 55
98039 Taormina (ME) email: Tel/fax + 39 0942 28138

View Sicily in a larger map
View from Villa Sara and steps down to town centre.

Carnaval Veracruz 2010

Carnaval Veracruz 2010 in the Zócalo
The largest commercial carnival in the world.

I spent the last day of the carnival in the Zócalo, great atmosphere, salsa and bright colures.

DancingSalsa at the zócalo

Kings And Beauty Queens

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