Solo adventure Bay of pigs Cuba

My Second time to the Bay Of Pigs, not much has changed since the last time I was here. There was now a coastal guard building southwest from the beach at playa Giron, just incase there was to be a second Bay Of Pigs invasion.

Sunset at Playa Giron. Bay Of Pigs

Playa Giron.

Playa Giron

Road to Playa Giron

Outdoor cinema Playa Giron

Museum at Playa Giron.
Mainly devoted to the Cuban victory against U.S led forces in the Bay Of Pigs attack. 
Artifacts and information about the failed invasion of Cuba by exiles and the CIA are showcased. 

Bay of pigs Great for Diving. No boats allowed in these waters. Clean waters and great visibility.

Can swim or Dive here La Cueva de los Pesces.
Halfway between Playa Giron and Playa Larga Bay Of Pigs

Fish at La Cueva de los Pesces

Dive-shop at La Cueva de los Pesces.

Old car at dive shop and entrance to La Cueva de los Pesces

Video La Cueva de los Pesces

Casa Luis

At Playa Giron I can recommend Casa Luis. To stay.Very friendly and helpful with travel/tour information. Also known for great cooking.
Casa Luis playa Giron
Call: 0145 984258
See Trip Adviser

Flamingos Las Salinas, Zapata Swamp. Near Playa Larga Bay Of Pigs

Road Las Salinas

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