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Boca del Rio

Boca del Rio Veracruz

Voladores de Papantla

The 'Voladores de Papantla' are Totonac Indians, and the voladores rite is a traditional act of worship. now most often performed as entertainment for tourists. The voladores climb to the top of a tall pole, wind ropes around the pole, and then leap off into the air. As the ropes unwind, they descend slowly to the ground. The caporal plays a drum and flute and invokes an ancient spiritual offering in the form of a spectacular dance.

Food Seafood
Chiles Rellenos a la Veracruzana  Large jalapeño peppers stuffed with crabmeat seasoned with onion, tomatoes, olive oil, lime juice, salt and pepper
Great restaurants along the seafront and around.

Try Torito Rum and coconut or with guanabana


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Lechona Rovira Tolima Colombia

Luis Alberto the father of the Colombian family I stayed with, cooked lanchona and is very popular in the Tolima Department in central Colombia. 
Lachona It consists of pork stuffed, yellow peas, green onion, yellow rice, and spices cooked in an outdoor, brick oven for about ten hours.

Luis Alberto Preparing the skin 
Covering inside the skin with corn and spices 
Adding the pork
Adding more corn 
Stitching up the pig
Ready for the oven
Taking out of the oven after 9 hours cooking 
Dishing up

Cascada Charco Azul Rovira Tolima Colombia

New years day in Rovira, a day trip to the river and waterfall. Just a few miles from Rovira.
Juan Manuel. I wanted to take this boy back home with me. 
Our transport to the river
Cascada Charco Azul
Chicken Soup
Dishing up my lunch 'chicken soup' I was well looked after.

Ruth letting off homemade fireworks, family standing by

Video: Marvin running jump in to the river

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