Around Taormina Sicily

Sicily's main tourist destination and most expensive, that makes a good base to visit Mt Etna. The center is a good place for shopping if you are looking for high quality designer items that are overpriced. You can save a little money by always asking for the price first and you can always try the next bar or ice cream parlor.  

At the Gambero Rosso restaurant. This place was full every night, it's a great place for seafood and outside dining in the old part of the city. Some restaurants where almost empty, due to being very expensive and the time of year.

Fish soup. Was my starter, not what I expected as I had also ordered a main course! Was very delicious. 

Manago Alimentari deli-contestant. Popped in here every day for drinks & snacks.

Real Sicilian Ice cream. 
Take away is cheaper. But it's nice to indulge in the atmosphere by sitting outside and watching the world go by.  

Isola Bella


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