Villa Romana del Casale Sicily

The beautiful Mosaics at the Roman villa

The bikini girls mosaic, showing women playing sports.

A lot of the site is under a Perspex cover and work continues on the buildings. Only 2 rooms was open to view! Was very disappointing not to see more. See Trip Advisor first before deciding to go! Hopefully will be fully open next year, should be amazing to see.

The site did not open until 2.30 pm. Car parking was 1 Euro, 5 Euros entrance, under 15 years free. We drove from Taormina just over 2 hours, taking the A18 to Catania then the A19 towards Enna and the SS117b driving through Plazza Armerina. Following the signs to Villa Romana del Casale first the signs are in blue then brown and yellow!!!!


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