Bocas del Toro

Is a province of Panama, comprising of the mainland and nine main islands. Bocas can easily be reached in a day from cahuita Costa Rica, crossing an old railroad bridge. Which is the border crossing where you can take a bus to catch a boat to Bocas Town. You will see many banana plantations on your way to Bocas del Toro.
Border crossing into Panama

 Colourful wooden building. 
The capital city of Bocas del Toro "Bocas Town" on Isla Colon, is where most tourist base themselves before moving to a quieter island

Boca del drago on Isla Colon, is one of the best beaches on the island. You can see many starfish in the dry season when the sea is calm and the water is clear. You can take a boat or bus from Bocas Town.  


Keeping out of the rain and having a can of Cuba Libra 

Being watched by the locals

Red frog beach  on the southern side of Isla Bastimentos, has a natural harbor and beautiful sandy beaches. Boat service to and from Bocas Town. 


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