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Panama Canal Mire Flores Lock

One of the greatest engineering works ever to be undertaken at the time, when opened in 1914. The project of building the locks began in 1909.

Miraflores Lock, gates of the Gatun lock

There are two independent lanes at each lock, for two lane traffic. The locks limit the maximum size of ships that can transit the canal, the became known as Panamax. The expansion of the Panama Canal, which will allow larger ships and double the capacity of the canal is under construction. The project includes a new set of wider locks and deepening of the navigation channels. Opening in 2014 in time for 100 year anniversary.


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Lechona Rovira Tolima Colombia

Luis Alberto the father of the Colombian family I stayed with, cooked lanchona and is very popular in the Tolima Department in central Colombia. 
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Luis Alberto Preparing the skin 
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Adding the pork
Adding more corn 
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Taking out of the oven after 9 hours cooking 
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New years day in Rovira, a day trip to the river and waterfall. Just a few miles from Rovira.
Juan Manuel. I wanted to take this boy back home with me. 
Our transport to the river
Cascada Charco Azul
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