Rovira New years Eve

Taking the bus from Cali I arrived in Rovira late in the morning on new years eve. I arrived to a great party atmosphere of water and flour bombs.

Truck loads of people taking to the streets

Stuffed male doll (Like our guy fawkes) standing on the back of the truck.

Burning "Mr. Old Year" is a New Year's tradition in Colombia. It requires the participation of the entire family. They fabricate a big stuffed male doll that represents the old year. Then they stuff the doll with different materials. Sometimes they put some little fireworks in it to make it more exciting at the time they burn it. Also, they put things inside that they don't want anymore, objects that can bring sadness or bad memories. These things will burn with the old year, meaning that they want to forget all the bad things that happened during the past year. They dress the man with old clothes from each member of the family. Then, on New Year's Eve at midnight, they set the doll on fire. This symbolizes burning the past and getting ready to start a happy New Year without bad memories of the past.

Family on top of jeep 

 Bus leaving town surrounded by motorcycles

Horse and cart. Man using bin for protection


In the evening preparing tamales

Filling includes masa, eggs, peas, pork, chicken, carrots, and hogao

Adding extra heat to the saucepan

Tamales wrapped in banana leaves


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