Rovira Tolima Colombia

The highlight of my 3 month travels, of Central America, Colombia and Peru. Was my time in Rovira Colombia. I stayed with the family of my Colombian friend who lives in England. 
The family is very large and they made me feel very welcome. 

Rovira is a department of Tolima, Rovira is about a 1 hour bus ride south from Ibague and is located in a valley, that has the feel of a village. The local people are very friendly and I was the only tourist in town at the time. 

Visiting family members just 1 kilometer outside Rovira

Overlooking Rovira

Iglesia Santa Gertrudis

I accidently through Daniels frisbee on the roof of the Cantina! This photo is showing Daniel with a bamboo pole retrieving his frisbee 

Stairway to Iglesia Santa Gertrudis


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