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San Andres

My last 3 days travelling Colombia were spent on the beautiful island of San Andres, before flying back home to England.  It was part of a free flight stopover, flying from Bogota to Panama City Via San Andres. The cheapest ticket I could find was from JLA in London, I bought when I was travelling In Costa Rica, on my way down to Colombia. The great thing about the Internet, you can buy tickets from anywhere in the world and have an e-ticket sent to you. I stayed at the El Viajero Hostel which was not far from the beach. Travelling on my own was a good way to meet the friendly Colombian tourists who come on holiday to San Andres. They were wanting to ask me many questions, take photos with me and invite me to join them in the evening at their hotel. I spent my last night with a family at their hotel and I also met other Colombians staying at the hotel who I had met on the beach the day before. And turned into a great night dancing to a live Colombian salsa band! Beach Johnny Cay
Great …

Machu Picchu

The amazing city of Machu Picchu (Old Peak) located in the Andes 2,430 meters above sea level. Often know as the Lost City.
The Incas who lived here, lived till they where 90 years old, they had a very healthy dirt, of maize and potatoes. And developed ways to store and preserve foods.
When I arrived at 6am Machu Picchu was mostly covered by cloud and it was raining, I paid for a 3 hour tour guide and by 10 am the clouds had started to clear, and was amazing just to sit and view. Actually I spent a long time just looking at the view and imagined the Incas living here!     
Machu Picchu high up in the mountains with is breath taking views of the valley below. 
Machu Picchu. Photo taken with a fisheye lens.
Machu Picchu classic photo.
Entrance to Machu Picchu
Train at Agua Calientes I traveled on the Inca Rail from Ollantaytambo to Agua Calientes about 1, 1/2 hours. (Ollantaytambo is a hour & a half from Cusco by bus.) You can stay at Ollantaytambo and be dropped off there when you…

The Sacred Valley of the Incas Cusco.

I spent 2 days on the tourist trail from Cusco, visiting the beautiful area known as the Scared Valley of the Incas. You will need to buy a tourist ticket before entering any of the sites, from Municipaldad office in Cusco. Then you can take a taxi or like I did joined the tourists on the bus and paid for a tour guide. Its a long day and the tour guide give you lots of interesting information. 
View of  farming terraces at Pisac 
Pan Pipes Pisac
Nina y Alpaca 
Inca archaeological site Ollantaytambo 
Metal would have been placed in the stone to join 2 stones

The walk to Tambomachay at 3765 meters


Cusco situated at 3,400m above see level. 
Plaza de Armas
Inca wall 
Smallest stone  
Plaza at night
 Staying at Hostel Qorichaska. Very nice place to stay, good breakfast and the staff very friendly and helpful
Girl selling sweets 

Coca tea, also called mate de coca. 


I have read that Lima is not a great place to visit and not worth stopping. Well I was surprised, the center felt like Hollywood! Clean, designer shops and  top class restaurants. Not that I would like to visit Hollywood, but you could see a lot of investment in parts of the city and there was a good mix of colonial with new. Lima has 30 districts, I can only remember the historic center, Miraflores and Barranco.

I stayed with my friend while in Lima and I was very well looked after by her and her large family and friends. I also met Edward Alba who is a professional photographer in Lima and a great guy.

I can recommend a bar in Barranco,on the main square Bar Taberna 1900 1st floor. Live Rock bands singing in English. Also try Ayahuasca not as cheap but is worth a visit!

The Historic Center
At The Magic Water Circuit

Lomo Saltado
Hacienda La Rinconada de Mala.  The family's land just outside Lima Where they grow grapes to make Pisco
Ballestas Islands

Lechona Rovira Tolima Colombia

Luis Alberto the father of the Colombian family I stayed with, cooked lanchona and is very popular in the Tolima Department in central Colombia. 
Lachona It consists of pork stuffed, yellow peas, green onion, yellow rice, and spices cooked in an outdoor, brick oven for about ten hours.

Luis Alberto Preparing the skin 
Covering inside the skin with corn and spices 
Adding the pork
Adding more corn 
Stitching up the pig
Ready for the oven
Taking out of the oven after 9 hours cooking 
Dishing up

Cascada Charco Azul Rovira Tolima Colombia

New years day in Rovira, a day trip to the river and waterfall. Just a few miles from Rovira.
Juan Manuel. I wanted to take this boy back home with me. 
Our transport to the river
Cascada Charco Azul
Chicken Soup
Dishing up my lunch 'chicken soup' I was well looked after.

Ruth letting off homemade fireworks, family standing by

Video: Marvin running jump in to the river

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