I have read that Lima is not a great place to visit and not worth stopping. Well I was surprised, the center felt like Hollywood! Clean, designer shops and  top class restaurants. Not that I would like to visit Hollywood, but you could see a lot of investment in parts of the city and there was a good mix of colonial with new. Lima has 30 districts, I can only remember the historic center, Miraflores and Barranco.

I stayed with my friend while in Lima and I was very well looked after by her and her large family and friends. I also met Edward Alba who is a professional photographer in Lima and a great guy.

I can recommend a bar in Barranco,on the main square Bar Taberna 1900 1st floor. Live Rock bands singing in English. Also try Ayahuasca not as cheap but is worth a visit!

The Historic Center

At The Magic Water Circuit


Lomo Saltado

Hacienda La Rinconada de Mala. 
The family's land just outside Lima
Where they grow grapes to make Pisco


Ballestas Islands


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