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San Andres

My last 3 days travelling Colombia were spent on the beautiful island of San Andres, before flying back home to England. 
It was part of a free flight stopover, flying from Bogota to Panama City Via San Andres. The cheapest ticket I could find was from JLA in London, I bought when I was travelling In Costa Rica, on my way down to Colombia. The great thing about the Internet, you can buy tickets from anywhere in the world and have an e-ticket sent to you. I stayed at the El Viajero Hostel which was not far from the beach. Travelling on my own was a good way to meet the friendly Colombian tourists who come on holiday to San Andres. They were wanting to ask me many questions, take photos with me and invite me to join them in the evening at their hotel. I spent my last night with a family at their hotel and I also met other Colombians staying at the hotel who I had met on the beach the day before. And turned into a great night dancing to a live Colombian salsa band!
Beach Johnny Cay

Great way to finish the afternoon at the island of Johnny Cay with a Coco Loco

Boat crossing 
Enjoy the crystal clear turquoise waters, taking a small boat to Johnny Cay. 
Only 15 minutes from the main island  

Johnny Cay

The English Puritans were the first to arrive on the island, they come from Barbados and from England. Between 1627 and 1629 they came to settle in the salubrious climate and take advantage of the fertile land of the islands. English pirate Henry Morgan who used it in 1670 as one of the centers of his operations. The pirates attacked Spanish ships carrying gold and other precious material that sailed in the Caribbean waters. The bounty looted by the pirates is still believed to be hidden in some underwater cave in the area.


  1. Hola Martin, mira la fotografía que hice de Johnny Cay, desde la lancha, espero te guste y si deseas publicarla, hazlo con mi permiso. Este precioso cayo de San Andrés es bellísimo y qué bueno que tú lo estés promocionando. Un saludo especial...

    Johnny Cay, en San Andrés Islas, Fotografía (cc)

  2. Beautiful set! Pina colada Island is one of the places I want to go most, currently. Now, even more so. It seems to beautiful and so unspoiled. A rare thing these days.

  3. Such marvelous sunny landscapes.
    have found something outstanding with more winter shades:

    northern lights

    I've followed you with GFC, I'd like you to add me back.

  4. Lovely photography. It's so great when people share their experiences. Please see more of mine, plus read some of my stories at website.

  5. I wanted to thank you also for joining my blogspot. I wish I could meet you and sit down and talk about S. America. Colombia is my favorite country, I had a fabulous time there.

  6. Hi Nancy, Always nice to meet someone who has the same interests and would be nice to talk about Colombia. I will keep a lookout on your website, who knows maybe one day we will cross paths in our travels.


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