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Lebrija Spain

I think I have hit a gold mine for having a good time 'a feel good place' that no money can buy, traditional with country people. The center of Lebrija is still very much untouched with the outer you can find new houses and supermarkets. 
Where I camped first night, the friendly people of the hotel let me camp outside. I could not find my host when I arrived so I stopped at this hotel for information had a beer and hit the sack after a long day driving.
Breakfast at my wwoof host. fresh eggs and organic bread
Where I am working, growing organic crops.
Collecting camomile for drying 
Walked this street after work, could hear the noise coming from the bar
Tasca "el chocazo" Bar. We first had a beer than a wine Solera  a type of Sherry.  This bar gave me a good feeling and made me more than happy, to be with the local people of Lebrija. Also a local girl brought home cooked food to share: shellfish  potatoes cooked in olive oil. The man on the left is the local olive o…

Segovia Spain

The Roman aqueduct (so high & so long!)


Getting a ticket for taking photos while driving 100 Euros  1/2 the price for paying on the spot by credit card

Road Trip France

After a 2 day drive from England, I am staying with my cousin Serge and his wife in the area of Roullet-Saint-Estèphe.

Chateau de La Rochefoucauld
Galette Bretonne Pancake made with black wheat, ham, egg and cheese drank with sour milk. from Brittany
Working in the garden
Gerard is my cousin neighbour. 
The house and garden

More Time Than Money

I have put my business on hold while I take time out to travel.
An adventure I have been dreaming about for a long time, but always been too busy with my work to take.
I don't have any excuses as I am the boss, so I have now taken the bull by the horns and it's Spain or bust, a road trip across Europe in a converted campervan.

I have not given myself a time limit, other than fair weather and running out of money, but will worry about that when it happens.
I had to make a lot of sacrifices to plan and arrange this big adventure also had limited best use of my time beforehand converting the campervan with various cucamstansies, but it has all come together and I set off today. I first head to Dover to take the channel ferry across to Calais France before driving across France to visit my cousin Serge who lives in the region of Cognac. I will spend the first night about half way to Cognac between Tours and Le Mans.

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