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Pont du Gard

is an ancient Roman aqueduct bridge that crosses the Gardon River, close to Nîmes, in the Provence of Languedoc South of France.  
World heritage site 10 Euros to enter. Camping very close and car Park. Town 10 minute walk. 
Panoramic view from the right bank
View of the Pont du Gard, showing the three rows of arches

Papiol Catalonia

Is only 18 kilometers North West from Barcelona.

I am visiting my friend Antonio, who introduced me to his friend Dani, who invited me to his farm and to meet his family. Where I found strong Catalonian traditions.

Farm house, the original part is 300 years old 
Simple Catalonian lunch (They told me) They put me to shame as they could all speak, Catalan, French, Spanish and English.
If you ever visit Catalonia, you definitively should taste the local wine… using a porró, of course!
Tomato plants

Platja del Castell Palamós, Girona Costa Brava

No high-rises here and virtually untouched, not bad for one of Spains costas. Staying at camping Benilux, less than 1 k from the beach with some awesome walks and cycling routes. Popular with Spanish, especially from Barcelona at weekends and holidays.
I &1/2 hours north from Barcelona and 1/2 hour from Girona airport (Which is the airport for Barcelona when flying on budget airlines)

Platja del Castell 
Still find traditional way of fishing
Coastal walks with great views all along this extraordinary rugged coastline
You can find many flowers along the coast in springtime
Your own private cove
Lavanda & Cactus growing together


Albarracín is the capital of the mountainous Sierra de Albarracín Comarca
The town is named for the Moorish Al Banū Razín family that once had been dominant in the area during the period of Muslim domination in the Iberian Peninsula.

Ciudad Encantada

Just visited this amazing place in the Serrania de Cuenca.
The erosive forces of weather and the waters of the nearby Júcar river have formed rocks into distinctive and memorable shapes.
The rock formations of Ciudad Encantada are karst formations, which date back to the Cretaceous period, approximately 90 million years ago.


I don't normally stop in large towns or Cities. But Cuenca is well worth a look, it's another world.

River Jucar and houses

Hanging houses
Spanish are very romantic. I find these love locks everywhere.

Rio Mundo

Looking down the waterfalls 
Cascada De Los Chorros
Taking the road down to Rio Mundo

Cooking In The Campervan Spain

Touring Spain in a converted campervan.  Visiting mostly small towns, villages and low key parts of the coast. It demonstrates that a rise in the standard of living does not always mean an improvement in the quality of life. I am living a simple way of life, cooking in the camper is very simple, yet healthy, filling and full of flavor. I don’t think I will ever eat a tomato from the supermarket again!!!! The quality of food you can find in Spain comes straight from the local farmer and is of the highest quality that you will ever find. I must be eating at least 6 tomato’s a day. I have not had a takeaway or fizzy drinks since I have been away. Only cooking with fresh food, mostly brought from the market or mini super, drinking water that I collect fresh from the mountains, squeezing fresh oranges and a beer or coffee with my tapas. Staying away from large towns and city’s, I find I have a better choice and all these businesses are run by family’s that give a good friendly service and…

El Berro In Sierra Espuña Murcia

Espuña is a mountain located in the Betic Cordillera located in the Region of Murcia
El Berro, is a small village with 2 bars, 2 bakeries and a mini market
View of mountains on way up to El Berro 
Pine cones
One of the many curves winding their way up and down the road
View of El Berro
Always time for a beer and a tapas in El Berro

Cabo de Gato Almeria

Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park in the southeastern corner of Spain, is Andalucia's largest coastal protected area

'Sunset' View from campervan 
Love padlocks at Arrecife de las Sirenas

Santo Cristo del Zapato Cerro Chinchirina Hike Pinos del Valle

Is a chapel with a large cross on the top of the hill 'Chinchirina' with beautiful views.  With an altitude of 1059 m. 

Start of the hike 
View of Alegas 2620 meters Sierra Nevada 
View behind the chapel 
Sun over the chapel
View inside the chapel  
A much needed beer after the hike back down in the small town of Pinos del Valle

El Cercado Pinos del Valle Granada Spain

El Cercado is a small private olive farm situated South of Granada, in the valley of Lecrin. 'The valley of happiness' according to the moors. The area is fertile where farming is still the principal occupation, much of it on ancient narrow terraces.  The view of where I will be working, with the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the background.  Is where the northern edge of the African and Eurasian tectonic plates meet.

Working in the garden, with sun rising over the Sierra Nevada
Collecting water from the drinking fountain, that comes straight from the mountains with no additives 

'Acacia' water ditch and terrace wall
Sunset over the lake
Nothing like having a swim on a hot day, picking oranges and squishing them
Bottling organic olive oil The olive oil is made from 100% Lechin olives from tress planted by the moors, or before. The olives are picked by hand, pressed within 24 hours and the oil is put into bottles.  No additives, the result, the best tasting oil.  "Goo…

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