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Cooking In The Campervan Spain

Touring Spain in a converted campervan. 
Visiting mostly small towns, villages and low key parts of the coast. It demonstrates that a rise in the standard of living does not always mean an improvement in the quality of life. I am living a simple way of life, cooking in the camper is very simple, yet healthy, filling and full of flavor. I don’t think I will ever eat a tomato from the supermarket again!!!! The quality of food you can find in Spain comes straight from the local farmer and is of the highest quality that you will ever find. I must be eating at least 6 tomato’s a day. I have not had a takeaway or fizzy drinks since I have been away. Only cooking with fresh food, mostly brought from the market or mini super, drinking water that I collect fresh from the mountains, squeezing fresh oranges and a beer or coffee with my tapas. Staying away from large towns and city’s, I find I have a better choice and all these businesses are run by family’s that give a good friendly service and not your Costa coffee’s, Tesco’s and burger kings that are all the same everywhere in the world.

Organic extra virgin olive oil and garlic into a Amway pot

Fry garlic and olive oil, add the rice and fry before adding water (Just covering the rice) Put the lid on and when you can hear boiling turn down to lowest setting.

Fresh chorizo, tomatoes and onion all brought locally

Fry garlic and olive oil on low heat, add onion, tomatoes and the chorizo, you can see the juices mixing and smell the aromas.

Camping grub


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Luis Alberto the father of the Colombian family I stayed with, cooked lanchona and is very popular in the Tolima Department in central Colombia. 
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