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El Cercado Pinos del Valle Granada Spain

El Cercado is a small private olive farm situated South of Granada, in the valley of Lecrin. 'The valley of happiness' according to the moors. The area is fertile where farming is still the principal occupation, much of it on ancient narrow terraces. 
The view of where I will be working, with the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the background. 
Is where the northern edge of the African and Eurasian tectonic plates meet.

Working in the garden, with sun rising over the Sierra Nevada

Collecting water from the drinking fountain, that comes straight from the mountains with no additives 

'Acacia' water ditch and terrace wall

Sunset over the lake

Nothing like having a swim on a hot day, picking oranges and squishing them

Bottling organic olive oil
The olive oil is made from 100% Lechin olives from tress planted by the moors, or before.
The olives are picked by hand, pressed within 24 hours and the oil is put into bottles. 
No additives, the result, the best tasting oil. 
"Good olive oil sold in shops should have the date of bottling and should be used within 6 - 8 months". 


  1. Great photos Martin and thanks for all the hard work. You are welcome back any time. Maybe see you in Mexico just after Christmas Laurie & Annie


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