Jodie my daughter suggested meeting me here. Is internationally renowned for its beaches and is mainly Italians who come here and makes it more interesting for tourists coming from abroad. 
The campsite in Ribabella also was mainly Italians and was relaxed and friendly.

Private Italian beach with umbrellas and sunbeds  

Seafood and pasta

Rimini old town is a cycling City, more people on bicycles than walking.

Market day


  1. Gérard (France)14 July 2013 at 07:54

    Hi Martin
    I would say that I felt it: your Beautiful daughter does look Italian! In any case, not British (nor French, of course)!
    She has something in her eyes’ shape which recalls me about Sophia Loren, or Ornella Mutti!
    But your Father & you, you both look Very British!
    And you really look like your Dad.


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