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Visiting Italy Where My Dad Was In WW2

I have just arrived in Italy, driving  from France. My Dad was in Italy during the Second World War and I would like to visit the places where he told me his war stories, when I was a child.
I have already been to Naples where he told me he saw Mount Vesuvius erupt in March/ April 1944 and that the Americans flew over and dropped bombs into the creator!!!!
He was also in Cortina in the Dolomites, Casino transporting tanks to the front line and looking at the photo below he was in Florence. As it looks like The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore in the background. He also had postcards he brought in Rome. And he has been to Padova as my Niece found out when she told her Granddad she was to study there for 3 months and he remembered many names of the places there.  

Photo of Dad (Right)

I have been to the places above on previous travel to Italy, apart from Cortina d'Ampezzo and Casino, but looking forward to revisiting some of those places again and more while I am here. 

Dad skiing in Cortina (2nd from left) must be coming to near the end of the war. 

Apart from 5 years in the war, my Dad was in North African and Italy. I don't think he ever travel abroad again. 


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