Taking Creative Panoramic Photos With Samsung Galaxy S2

When taking photos in the panoramic mode, the camera takes 8 shoots as you sweep the phone left to right or from up to down, following direction of the arrow, keeping the image in the green square on the screen. Once completed the camera then stitches the images together to make one panoramic image. You can take images with the phone up-right or on it's side for different width image. As with phone images they are poor quality for printing, but it's a bit of fun, you can be creative and is OK for putting on your wall. It's trial and error to get a good image/stitch, you can stop though the pan between snaps, but only for a few seconds as the camera will clear and be ready to restart.    

As I was panning, I would  stop so Juliana would take her next position before I would pan a little further. 
(This image has been cropped) 

Here I panned as Juliana running though the strawberry field.

Girls playing in the street.

Working/playing with youngsters is a good way to kit fit, youthful and to have happiness. These girls are Colombian and they are like part of my family. 


  1. You couldn't do this stuff 10 years ago! Amazing how technology has changed everything!


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