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Cuba A Family Affair

My 3rd visit to Cuba, this time with my 17 year old daughter for 2 weeks. We only booked our flight's 2 & 1/2 weeks before. Direct with Virgin Atlantic (Gatwick - Havana) the price was good as this is the so called hurricane season and brought our travel card's from No need to put a name of a hotel on travel card anymore and was not asked where we was staying or for onward tickets when we arrived in Havana. I was budgeting around £100.00 a day for the two of us, including staying in Casa's, travel, tours, food and drinks.
At the airport I drew some cash from the ATM upstairs, the charge was 3 cuc per 100


Casa Alex Havana
I knew a Casa 'Casa Alex' in Barrio Chino Havana, that I have stayed in many times before and took the taxi from the airport for 25 cuc. The casa is very clean, good food and location 25 cuc per night. We had dinner and a beer in barrio chino before a quick walk around the old part of Havana before crashing out. The casa owner arranged a taxi for the next afternoon to Trinidad 50 cuc for the two of us 4 & 1/2 hours.

For Casa Alex in Havana email: Call: (+53 7) 867 8371 Address: Zanja No. 502 Apto. 3, e/ Rayo y Galiano, Centro Habana. Web:
See: Trip Adviser  


Inside the bell tower
The most recognizable building in Trinidad is the quaint yellow and green bell-tower of the former convent of San Francisco de Asís, built in 1730 by Franciscan monks. Since 1986 the building has housed the Museo Nacional de la Lucha Contra Bandidos

Unfortunately the stairs are in-need of repair and the top half of the tower is closed, but luckily travelling with my daughter, the kind lady let her pass, to see the magnificent views.

The casa was recommended from Casa Alex in Havana  'Hostal'  (Not actually a hostel) very friendly couple and very good breakfast. 20 cuc per night and 4 cuc breakfast. Taxi to Playa Ancon 5 cuc, was low season and not easy to find others to share taxi with, in the high season taxi is 8 cuc.

Hostal in Trinidad
Hostal email:
Call: +53 41 99 2292
Yalienis Meneses y Carlos Omar Pineda
Address: Jesus Menendez 65 Esquina Smith, Trinidad Cuba

Playa Giron (Bay Of Pigs)

Playa Coco
We stayed at Casa Luis, as I have stayed here before and I remember that this is one of the best casa's in Cuba! We stayed 4 nights here.

Like all Casa owners they can also be your tour guide, giving you advice with things to see/do and how to get around. Luis recommended Sendero Enigma de las Rocas, as a half day tour. We was picked up by horse and cart with 2 guides and was a great 1/2 day.

This famous bay has a museum, of the invasion from the CIA. If you have ever read about Castro, then you will know he has been very lucky with the way things have worked out, like it was meant to happen that way!

Casa Luis
Casa Luis playa Giron
Call: 0145 984258
See Trip Adviser

There is a casa de cambio, opposite the museum, I changed £300.00 and was charged 28 cuc.


We also used the restaurant across the crossroads from Casa Luis, for some of our lunches. As it was used by the locals and was good and cheap. 

Most people come to the Bay of Pigs for diving/snorkeling, there are many other things to see and do. Like where you can enjoy the diverse and well preserved Cuban flora and fauna, amazing wonders and natural swimming pools

There is also a bus from the main highway about 30 minute drive from Play Giron, that now go's direct to and from Vinales.  Viazul Bus

Sendero Enigma de los Rocas

Tours around

Jodie Tobacco tour
Horse back riding
Playa Levisa

Plaza Vinales
"If you like to eat the fruit Papaya, ask for fruta bomba"

Changing Money
Their are two banks in Vinales, open Monday to Friday. one closes at 12:30 and the other at 3pm. There is literally a hole in the wall, but no ATM, the nearest is in Pinar del Rio.
I did a 250 cuc cash transfer on my debit card in the bank, the charge was 8 cuc.

Coffee with sugar cane
Playa Jutias
Casa Sofia
 Fruit Stall
 Taxi Driver

 Russian Engine In 1950's American Car

Ride in a 1955 Chevrolet 

Last night & day in Havana

Los Nardos Restaurant

Our last night we treated our-self's to Los Nardos Restaurant.

Asociacion Cararia de Cuba Restaurant 

For lunch Asociacion Cararia de Cuba Restaurant Can be found opposite the Bacardi building.

Cuba Libre
There is much talk about; "I must see Cuba before it changes"
My 3rd time in Cuba, I have seen lot's of little changes and their is much talk from the local Cubans. 
As a tourist I don't want to see it Americanized, but it's not for me to say and to understand it's politics, it is something only the Cuban people really know. 

"Cuba is different" That's why I like to visit! 

Viva Cuba!


  1. I don't think everyone can beat the Cubans in terms of their passion for ice cream (not even the Italians). Coppelia, the nationalized ice cream chain, is practically in every city.


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