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Is a city in Andalusia, southern Spain, and the capital of the province of Córdoba
Plaza de la Corredera Square

The square is ringed by apartments and an assortment of lively pubs, cafes and shops.

Steve knocking back a tequila, in a cool bar in the Square with friendly atmosphere 

Almonaster La Real

Almonaster la Real is a town and municipality located in the province of Huelva, Spain. One of the least spoilt villages of the Sierra de Aracena

Inside the 10th Century Mezquita That has 5 naves, whose arches, like in the Mezquita in Cordoba, are perpendicular to Qibla.


Alájar is a town and municipality located in the province of Huelva, Spain
Secluded walks from the main town
Cork Oak trees, bark is striped every 9 years
Iberian Pork. Free range pigs whose diet is based on acorns, have brought international fame. Producing "Pata negra" ham and various dried pork products.


Is a city in the province of Seville

Must visit this bar Tasca "el chocazo" at lunch time and try Solera
Siesta at the bank of the Guadalquivir river
Touring cyclists slowly cycling
White storks nesting - Senuela chapel 

Los Caños de Meca

The walk along the coast "Los Caños de Meca" starting at Zahora 

Zahara de la Sierra

The scenic drive from Ronda to Los Caños de Meca
Unexpected road closer (Failed road bridge) sent us on a diversion that turned out to be one of the most beautiful road journeys
Sat-nav giving us indication of our route of a winding road
Spectacular views of the lake at Zahara de la Sierra
The town of Zahara de la Sierra make a great breakfast coffee stop


Our first stop in Spain, only 1 hr drive from Malaga.

The new bridge
A couple with plenty of time to enjoy and paint the views 
Always time for tapers in Spain

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