Making Butter and Ghee

Making good quality butter:
Very easy to make and no more need to buy poor quality butter or nasty margarine full of chemicals from supermarkets anymore.

I eat butter every day and take Blue ice fermented Cod Liver Oil at the same time to help cure my gout. Along with bone broth soups. Also good cure for gum disease, healthy hair and skin. With spring time being the very best time to make butter as the grass is growing strong and full of nutrition.

1. Use raw or double cream only from grass feed Guernsey cows

2. Poor 500ml of Laceys double cream. 
(To make per block of butter) In to a food processor 

3. Mix until the butter milk separates

4. Poor butter milk away

5. Repeat 2-3 times until butter milk runs clean

6. Add 200ml of water.
Re mix and rinse out excess butter milk. Repeat 2-3 times.

7. And then put the butter in to a bowl of water and knead until all butter milk runs clean, 
Repeat 2-3 times with clean water

Butter is ready to slice.

8. Then form butter in to a block. Now is ready. 

Place into a butter dish. 

Precious creamy golden fat from heaven

You can cut butter in to small squares to help melt
Melt butter over low heat, stirring it gently from time to time.

Melt the butter on low heat

Once butter has melted and thick, white foam start to form at the surface then simmer for 15 minutes stirring a little

Pour though cheese cloth

when cool, por in a jar and when cold keep in the fridge

Ghee when cold

Great English breakfast - fried in ghee -Bacon, sausages, eggs and plantain.


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