Panasonic Lumix Compact System Micro 4/3

Compact cameras for travelling with changeable lenses and creative features.

If you are looking at a compact camera for travel, with changeable lenses for all types of shooting then look at the Lumix GX7 

Brief Overview

  • For high quality photos and videos
  • Ultra fast focus 
  • Some models including the GX7 have timelaps feature, very useful for creating a unique video
  • The GX7 is very stylish and has in body stabilisation so Olympus and Tamron lenses can be used.
Useful accessories 
  • Single focus lenses 
  • The Black Rapid Yeti Camera strap. It is a one shoulder solution perfect for carrying my G2 with 45 - 200 zoom and the GF5 with the 14 mm lens. I have been on full day hikes, using this strap, also taking my wide angel lens and water bottles has made life easy, in respect of ease of use and not weighing your back down.
  • The GM, GF & GX range can also be fitted to selfie pole  
  • Lens collar for 100 - 300 lens to secure to tripod. Details HERE on how to buy 
  • Adapters are available so old school Olympus OM lenses can be used.
  • Leather camera cases 
The Black Rapid Yeti Camera strap

  • View the Lumix G Forum & Reviews for all Lumix cameras. 
  • Using legacy lenses 
  • My photo equipment Page
  • View playlist of useful tips and tricks for Lumix micro 4/3 cameras:



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