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San Pedro Lake Atitlan

The town has many places for backpackers, many people have stayed her for years. You either like it or you don't, but its worth a visit as there are many hikes to villages, coffee tours and volcano's from here.
Bars and food for everyone, if you over do it on booze, you can also find plenty of herbal tea's, juice bars and yoga classes.

Hairpin turns down 700 m to San Pedro, coming from Xela in a Chicken bus not for the fainthearted 3 point turns required to get the bus round!
Free hugs
San Pedro, Church & Plaza
Wheel trims!
Tuk Tuk
Local paintings
Indians Nose
Chicken bus
Street food
Wash day
Coffee beans drying - You can do your own coffee tour


Chicken bus, the best way to meet the locals

Walk though the very busy market from the bus station 
Chicken buses
Very busy bus station, you can take a chicken bus to almost anywhere in Guatemala
Waiting for bus to fill up before setting off

La Muela Volcano Xela

At 2900m

We organised our tour to La Muela Volcano from Xela. We walked for about 1 1/2 hours from the town, we meet a local woman aged about 85 and her granddaughter walking the same way. She walks this root every day to go to work! At the top of the hill before the climb to the top of the volcano there is a shop, where we stopped for a rest and a drink. There was 4 police men who said they will walk to the top with us. They was great entertainment as they started singing. They even thought I was Nicholas Cage lol.
The climb was quite challenging as there was many rocks, but the views was breathtakingly. On the way back down from the shop, we took a ride back in a pickup truck with the police.

Great views
Photo shoot with Nicholas Cage
Adios Policia
A well deserved chicken soup on our return


is the fourth-largest city in the Mexican state of Chiapas. Often overlooked, by those who travel to and from Guatemala to San Cristobal de la Casas

We stayed at Posada Las Flores. 1a Avenida Poniente Norte #17 Centro Historico. It's alright for a night or two. it is cheap! See TripAdvisor

It's not far to walk from Cristobal Colón main bus station on Boulevard Drive on the main High Way. This is where you will also find mini buses Colectivos to the Frontier for Guatemala and to Cascada el Chiflon, Velo De Novia
There are 2 bus terminals for 2 different entrances to the lakes. Buses to Largo Montebello are from Calla 2a. Av. Poniente Sur 29
There are 2 tourist information offices, The state tourest office on the main plaza "Central Park" in a wooden box and the municipal tourest office just off the plaza, on Calle Central Norte (Dr. Belisario Domínguez)

Border crossing to Guatemala, (Ciudad Cuauhtemoc/La Mesilla) we took the mini bus at 5 am. Mx$50, passport control o…

Cascada el Chiflon, Velo De Novia

Wonderful waterfalls less than 1 hour from Comitán.
Take mini bus colectivo from Boulevard Drive on the main High Way 190 just up from Cristobal Colón main bus station.
Cascada el Chiflon closes at 5 pm and the last 2 waterfalls close at 4 pm.
There are five waterfalls that make up this group: Suspiro, Ala de Ángel, Velo de Novia, Arcoiris and Quinceañera.

Velo de Novia 120 meters high

Canon del Sumidero

Sumidero Canyon is a narrow and deep canyon surrounded by a national park located just north of the city of Chiapa de Corzo in the Mexican state of Chiapas.

Take mini bus Colectivo from just past Cristóbal Colón bus station

Plastic bottles but not a plastic crocodile

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