La Muela Volcano Xela

At 2900m

We organised our tour to La Muela Volcano from Xela. We walked for about 1 1/2 hours from the town, we meet a local woman aged about 85 and her granddaughter walking the same way. She walks this root every day to go to work! At the top of the hill before the climb to the top of the volcano there is a shop, where we stopped for a rest and a drink. There was 4 police men who said they will walk to the top with us. They was great entertainment as they started singing. They even thought I was Nicholas Cage lol.
The climb was quite challenging as there was many rocks, but the views was breathtakingly. On the way back down from the shop, we took a ride back in a pickup truck with the police.

Great views

Photo shoot with Nicholas Cage

Adios Policia

A well deserved chicken soup on our return


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