San Cristobal de las Casas

located in the Central Highlands region of the Mexican state of Chiapas
Altitude: 2130 meters.

The San Cristobal Cathedral
A mix of influences Baroque, Moorish and indigenous. Inside contains interesting pieces of art, among which two beautiful baroque altarpieces covered wooden Solomonic gold leaf and paint artist Juan Correa

We stayed:
1. At hostel La Terraza on Calle Comiton #11 Barrio El Cerrillo FaceBook
2. Mexican family Click Here

Where we liked to eat and drink:
1. La Vina de Bacco  Wine and Tapas on 7 Calle Real de Guadalupe TripAdvisor review
2. La Colombian bar at the other end of Calle Real de Guadalupe
3. Natura Organico Real de Guadalupe 26 De Guadalupe
4. Herbal teas and coffee on Calle Diego Dugelay 3

Day trips from San Cristobal:
1. Chiapa de Corzo
2. The Tzotzil Maya villages of San Juan Chamula and San Lorenzo de Zinacantán.
3. Canon del Sumidero

Visit: Museo na bolom on Calle Vicente Guerrero 33, Del Cerrillo, 29220

Money exchange: on Calle Real de Guadalupe Pesos to Quetzal

Iglesia De Guadalupe

Steps and view of the city from Iglesia De Guadalupe

Iglesia el Cerrillo

Santa Lucia church

Juan the owner of hostel La Terraza with friends & family at La Vina de Bacco

Museo na bolom
Was the home of archeologist Frans Blom and his wife, Gertrude Duby Blom, the documentary photographer, journalist, environmental pioneer, and jungle adventurer.

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