Rovira (Tolima)

My favourite small town in Colombia, as I feel at home here, due to the village feel and country people. There are a large number of young people, living here, that can give it a lively feel at weekends and holiday times, also the town's main street can get busy the weekends as people visit the town from the coffee farms up in the mountains to buy supplies. April & May is when coffee is being harvested and people come far and wide to help, this also means the town gets very busy as the workers and farmers at this time of year have money and the town can seem a bit wild west at this time of year.

For me I like to visit the cantina's, NOT to get drunk but to sock-up the atmosphere from the cowboys and music

Rovira is also know as "The House of Springs"
You will find the people here are very friendly and away from the main streets are very quite and the beauty of Colombia is near, with mountains and rivers that can be enjoyed most of the year.

The geographical setting is determined by the watersheds of three major rivers.
Coffee is the main agriculture.

33k's south from Ibague, Velotax bus 1 hour from Ibague.

Hotel Villa Ana Maria with swimming pool. Call: Jaminshon Pissina Rovira Telephone 312 4068621

Volcan del tolima Elevación: 5.215 m. With the town of Rovira central Andes. 
Taken from Buena Vista Alta Elevación: 1.700 m. 55 k's away

Main street "La quinta"
These jeeps are loaded up taking supplies and people back to their "fincas" Coffee farms

Typical photo of jeep loaded with coffee 

Having a cold one in the cantina, I do enjoy a beer or two on a Sunday lunch time with the local coffee farmers. I do feel at home with country people....  

Jugo de lulo with my daughter 

Pollo a la plancha

Walk with my Colombian family

Hotel swimming pool and large gardens

View from hotel. The hotel is situated in the heart of Rovira and is built out of timber and guadua ( big bamboo)

Main Street "La quinta" at the weekend. Buying & selling
Trucks loaded up returning to the fincas

Parque Principal Rovira. With my daughter
Iglesia Santa Gertrudis


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