Semuc Champey & Utopia Eco Lodge

tropical accommodation Situated on the Río Cahabón, only 3 k's from Semuc, 7 k's from Lanquin and 2 1/2 hrs from Coban.

Email your details where you are coming from and you will be picked up in Lanquin when you arrive. 50Q per/night in dorm. There is a 10% service charge on food & drinks. Shuttle bus's to Flores, Rio Dulce, Antigua can be arranged from Lodge or in Lanquin at half the cost, where there is also hostels and a small town to buy supplies.

Things to do: Hiking, swimming, tubing down the river, chocolate tour, Kan-Ba caves and relaxing.

Semuc Champey which means "Where the river hides under the earth." Is a natural limestone bridge, under which passes the Cahabon River. On top the bridge is a series of 6 stepped natural turquoise pools.Underneath the pools, runs the underwater Cahabon River. The pool's water is feed by the rainwater that trickles down the small creeks from either side of the valley and not by the Cahabon River

Downside to Eco Lodge: As the dorms are open and over the eating/bar area, when you are sleeping you will breath in smoke. Also be interesting to know more about how Eco friendly the Eco Lodge is!

View of Semuc from mirador

The pools are perfect for a swim & cool down

One of the many rope bridges along the Río Cahabón

View from the Lodge

Río Cahabón


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