Tikal & Flores

Tikal is the ruins of an ancient city found in the beautiful rain forest of Northern Guatemala.

Be-aware of scams from some tour agents in Flores. Especially when arriving by shuttle, upon arriving to Flores your driver will pick up a man claiming to be a travel agent (Known locally as Coyotes) who will tell you all ATM's on the Flores Island are out of cash. He will tell you he has the cheapest tours and that the ONE TIME ONLY prices he is offering couldn't be beat. This man works or touts for other agents in town and makes his %. He also double crosses shuttle drives by not paying them, this type of business gives all the agents a bad name!
Buses to: Tikal, Beliz, Rio Dulce and La Antigua can all be taken from the main bus terminal in Santa Elena, that you can walk to or take a tuk tuk for Q5 per person. The buses can be 1/2 the cost you pay to a agent in Flores.
We brought our tickets to Rio Dulce 1 hour before departure, from Fuente Del Norte bus line.
For bus times:- The Bus Schedule Guatemala

"Cajeros" Cash Machines only except Visa & Maximum withdrawal is Q2000.00 maybe a charge. B5 Cajeros works and can be found in the supermarket in Flores or there are many cajeros in Santa Elena that you can easily walk to across the coursway and turn 2nd right.

Main plaza at sunrise. View from Temple VI

Sunrise view from Temple VI

Temple 1 main plaza

Temple 2 main plaza

Temple V stands south of the Central Acropolis and is the mortuary pyramid of an as yet unidentified ruler. The temple stands 57 metres (187 ft) high, making it the second tallest structure at Tikal - only Temple IV is taller.

Flores is a town in Petén, Guatemala. The town is an island on Lago Petén Itzá, connected to land by a causeway

Cobble streets

Colonial buildings

Street food setting up for sunset

Lago Petén Itzá



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