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Buena Vista - Rovira

This is how I imagine the real Colombia; mountains, coffee, off roading and of course arroz con leche.
I spent a few days in the outback on a finca in this Coffee area. Great views and experience especially staying with a Colombian family on a finca.

Buena Vista Altitude:  1200 m

There had been a lot of rain in the night
Tree being cut after falling in the night and blocking the road
Jeeps waiting for road to clear
Finca "Toilet" Fog
View of coffee plantation
Me working lol. Washing coffee beans
Grinding maiz for chicken feed
Cooking rice pudding
Rice pudding with cheese
Coffee beans drying

Coffee grown at  1000m - is poor quality 1300 to 1700m - normal coffee 1800 to 2000m - high quality, more concentrated and organic as no herbicides are required - the coffee "bean" is also smaller and takes 3 months more to grow before it is ready to be picked. 
 Happy pig


View from the finca of Volcan del tolima. Elevación: 5.215 m

Villa Restrepo - Ibague

Villa Restrepo makes a nice day visit from Ibague going by bus is less than an hour and only $2,000 cop. The village of Villa Restrepo 12 km from Ibague, where you can find hotels, restaurants, horse riding, walking, bird watching and rock climbing. This area is also very popular with cyclists at weekends. A little further on the village of Juntas 17 km, where just a short walk, there is a lookout "el mirador de los Sauses" and on a clear day you can view the volcano of Nevado de Tolima. Much further north thermal waters for relaxing at El Rancho. The river Combeima flows from the Park to Ibagué through Combeima Canyon.
Los Pinos 317 7415778La Villa de Barba Blanca Casa # 4 Eentrada Villa Restrepo Ana Cel: 311 487 4489. Jhon Cel: 310 884 2711. Iglesia
Iglesia with view of Nevado de Tolima.  1 of 8 volcanoes in Los Nevados National Natural Park 
Lots of chorizo and fried pork
Local man on horseback. He can take you for short horseback rides. 

Valle de San Juan Tolima

Valle de San Juan is only an hour from Ibague and a place I liked a lot and did not want to leave this little village set in time.
The geographical setting of the village comprises a series of mountain slopes, where articulate small flat areas formed by materials in rainy seasons, that are located in the foothills and have permanent water of small creeks which running perpendicular to the direction of geographic valley sense. The area around San Juan Valley is composed of fertile soil in which valleys and plains are denoted and where you can see large crops of corn; its main agricultural product. There are also rivers and streams that punctuate the landscape with a forest of medium height.
584 m.

The family I saty with
Fruit for sale on the road to San Juan
Main road to San Juan
Pineapple juice
Comida rica
Family Stay
Street, Antigua style houses
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Cabo de San Juan Tayrona

Cabo de San Juan is one of Colombia's best beaches found in the Parque Tayrona on the Carribean coast.
Our 2 hr boat trip from the bay of Taganga, which is normally only 1 hr, but our trip was a very rough ride; cold, wet and a mouth full of salt water. But was worth the visit after the excitement and fear of being in a small boat and holding on for dear life!

View of the two bays

The start of a very bumpy crossing 
Cabo de San Juan with view of Sierra Nervada
Typical Carribean fried fish
Cabo de San Juan Tayrona
Beautiful bay 
Pan de Chocolate
There was only 2 horses available
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