Cascadas Chicala - Payande - Ibague

8 amazing waterfalls that are only 1 hour from Ibague.

One of Colombia's secret places that only the locals know about.

Hotel: Stayed at Club Campestre Chicala in Payande with swimming pool and close to the road that takes you to the waterfall which is about 15 minutes by car. Tel: 287 72 22 Cel: 317 274 38 23
Bus: From terminal in Ibague to the village of San Luis stopping at Payande. Then a 5 k walk in the hot sun!
The road to waterfalls from Payande, we traveled by bike and I hitched a lift back in a car. Its a slow drive, so give yourself 45 minutes.

Food: At the car park, there is a restaurant where you can order lunch and then it's just a 5-minute walk to the falls where you can buy snacks and cold drinks.

Waterfall 7

When you arrive to all the waterfalls each hides a magical place. In all of them you can bath and some are deep places, as much as eight meters in the main waterfall.

Waterfalls 5 & 6

On weekends are more people and is much busier, but no less enjoyable as there are 8 waterfalls to enjoy,
Waterfall 7

Snake - Serpiente Piton
I did not see this snake at first as I was walking to the top of the waterfall to take a photo. A Colombian guy shouted and as I turned my back I got a photo! 

time for a cold one in the local Cantina in Payande

Lunch Great food


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