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Valle de Los Muñecos - Rovira

This was a cool place to visit and only a short walk from Rovira.
One of the attractions of Rovira is the Valley of the Dolls, at the entrance to the village, a land in which soil erosion formed some figures.
Beautiful rock/sand stone formation, with view of Rovira. I not exactly sure how this places was formed, I would believe eroded from rain washing the soft sand away and leaving this formation!
Spent the evening with my Colombian family and we made the short walk from Rovira (About 15 minutes) to Valle de Los Munecos.

View of Rovira with Iglesia Santa Gertrudis in the center

Walking with 5 girls & a dog, with Rovira in the background


  1. Todas las fotos están geniales.. pero la última mucho mejor.. jajaja


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