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My Home Cooking In Colombia

While living in Ibague I mixed some of the typical local foods with what I like to eat. While trying to cut out or at least cut-down on processed foods! Including bread and sugar. Below is a bit of a mix as I was cooking for a family, but they liked to try different things.
But they were not all keen on eating hot chilies!
Lunch tends to be the biggest meal of the day. But as the family soon found out, I like to eat 3 large meals a day.

Some of my experiments:

Colombian breakfast. Arepas with cheese and hot chocolate
Spanglish breakfast (Tocineta) Bacon, eggs, arepa, tomatoes, avocado.
Oven for cooking plantains 
Spanglish lunch. Home made burgers with pineapple and fried egg. Salad and chili 
Chorizo, scrambled eggs, avocado and fried plantains
Making coconut oil
Chopped coconut, mixed with water and then squeezed
After leaving the coconut milk for 24 hours, the cream forms on top, remove and heat for one hour until the oil separates. 
Pour the oil into a jar when cooled down

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