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Panasonic 52mm Lumix Filters

At some point, a filter is a good idea as it can make your photos more intense and reduces reflections and deepens blue skies if used properly, that photoshop can not do. 

"Photography is still a learning curve, for me - meaning an excuse to travel and experiment"
My latest accessories: 

1. Panasonic 52 mm Lumix G Neutral Density Filter DMW-LND52E. Use to reduce light entering the camera in extremely sunny conditions. (ND8) The filter reduces the amount of light to 1/8th without affecting colour balance. Best used in very bright sunlight, to prevent overexposure (whitish photos especially the sky that will lack contrast) This will allow the use of  a wider aperture or slower shutter speed.

First play with Panasonic 52 mm Lumix G Neutral Density Filter DMW-LND52E

See: Full waterfall in large Image(Note: overexposed at the top of the fall, as sunlight was not at 90 deg to the camera but direct to the waterfall)
2. Panasonic 52 mm Lumix PL Filter (Circular polarizing) helps to redu…

Soroa & Las Terrazas Cuba

On our trip back to Havana from Vinalas, we stayed 2 nights at casa Los Sauces, Candelaria. Only 2ks from the autopista were the bus Viazul drops you off. Only $8 cuc. Ask to be dropped off at the bridge "Puente Cupe Zoroa". We got picked up from our casa owner, you can call the day before 52289372 to make arrangements. The casa has 3 rooms and the garden is very large with many plants. The casa is only 6 kms from Soroa and our casa owner took us and returned us for only $5 cuc. Only 84kms from Havana, we waited under the bridge (Puente Cupe Zoroa on the autopista to Havana) for a bus and we took a collective taxi for $5 cuc each.

The waterfall at Soroa
Car and driver/guide all day $25 cuc Entrance fee to Las Terrazas $2 plus $5 to visit attractions and lunch included.
Rio San Juan, swimming pools and where you can buy lunch

Cayo Jutias Cuba

Nice beach, few people and Cubans, can get busy at Cuban holiday time, is a nice place to relax.
You can make this a day trip, 65km northwest of Viñales and is attached to the mainland by a causeway.
You can ask your casa owner in Vinales to book a taxi to take you and arrange a time to return.

View from resturant
Taxi from Viñales $15 cuc each, (5 people) for 6 hours on the beach.  Food 8 cuc, Beer $1.50, Mojito $2.50. 
Where you get drooped off and walk on to the beach at Cayo Jutias, you can walk to the right along the beach and though a tiny mangrove covered area and find the beach above. 

Music in the restaurant at lunch time.

Viñales Cuba

Pinar del Río Province. Took an collective taxi from Play Larga for $35 cuc each about 5 hours with a stop at a restaurant close to Havana.
From here you can do a day trip to Cayo Jutiasand visit the hotel "Loz Jazmines" that you can use the swimming pool, bar and for a  great view of the valley.

Stayed at Casa Nene, half way down Calle Adela Azcuy Norte. 0152238860
This time of year it can rain, but makes great rainbows
Lots of Bread
 Dinner at Casa Nene
Out to the tobacco farms 

Playa Coco, Play Giron, Bay Of Pigs. Cuba

One of my best beaches for me in Cuba, small easy to relax and forget. I have managed to visit this little beach 4 times. Those who follow/read my posts know that I like out the way and not over built places. Play Giron is growing with the increase in tourism, but at a very slow pace. I like to base myself here for a few days then staying 1/2 hour from here at playa Larga. That is much or as little as you want to do or visit from here.


Cuban food cooked right on the beach, by this kind lady who we spent some of our days with and her family. Who made us very welcome and shared their rum. Liliana also helped cook and we had a mix of Cuban/Colombian lunch.

Nice fish lunch

Playa Caltea Buena - Only 15 minutes from Giron on the local bus.

Last day in Playa Giron - Taking the bus to playa Larga from Giron - Happy as we just left the beach and a empty bottle or rum :)

Trinidad Cuba

A very nice Spanish colonial town that was not built with traditional straight streets going North to South & East to West. As this was meant to make it harder for pirates to find their way around.

View of Trinidad from our casa with Convento de San Francisco in the back ground
Casa Luis XVIIIAddress: 68 Jesús Menédez, Trinidad 62600, Cuba Phone:+53 41 992292
See Trip Adviser

Children at school

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