Cayo Jutias Cuba

Nice beach, few people and Cubans, can get busy at Cuban holiday time, is a nice place to relax.
You can make this a day trip, 65km northwest of Viñales and is attached to the mainland by a causeway.
You can ask your casa owner in Vinales to book a taxi to take you and arrange a time to return.


View from resturant

Taxi from Viñales $15 cuc each, (5 people) for 6 hours on the beach. 
Food 8 cuc, Beer $1.50, Mojito $2.50. 

Where you get drooped off and walk on to the beach at Cayo Jutias, you can walk to the right along the beach and though a tiny mangrove covered area and find the beach above. 

Music in the restaurant at lunch time.


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