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Panasonic 52mm Lumix Filters

At some point, a filter is a good idea as it can make your photos more intense and reduces reflections and deepens blue skies if used properly, that photoshop can not do. 

"Photography is still a learning curve, for me - meaning an excuse to travel and experiment"

My latest accessories: 

1. Panasonic 52 mm Lumix G Neutral Density Filter DMW-LND52E. Use to reduce light entering the camera in extremely sunny conditions. (ND8) The filter reduces the amount of light to 1/8th without affecting colour balance. Best used in very bright sunlight, to prevent overexposure (whitish photos especially the sky that will lack contrast) This will allow the use of  a wider aperture or slower shutter speed.

Panasonic 52 mm Lumix G Neutral Density Filter DMW-LND52E
First play with Panasonic 52 mm Lumix G Neutral Density Filter DMW-LND52E

See: Full waterfall in large Image (Note: overexposed at the top of the fall, as sunlight was not at 90 deg to the camera but direct to the waterfall)

2. Panasonic 52 mm Lumix PL Filter (Circular polarizing) helps to reduce reflections and glare by filtering out light that has become polarized due to reflection from a non-metallic surface. A polarizer is able to absorb much of this polarized light and, in turn, increase the saturation of skies and foliage, cut through distant haze, and minimize reflections in glass and on water. Eliminates reflections while preserving the naturally vivid colors of the subject, blue sky, water surface, etc.

Circular polarizing filter
With Circular polarizing filter

Without Circular polarizing filter
Without Circular polarizing filter
Panasonic filters are Double Threaded: 
Screw neatly onto the front of your lens, enabling to stack the two filters.
The 52 mm lens cap fits over the filters and you lens hood can also be used.
For use with 14-45mm, 45-200mm lenses. Step-up rings are available from 37 mm & 46 mm to 52 mm for other Panasonic/Olympus lenses.

These filters feature a slim filter ring design for reducing vignetting with wide angle lenses

As with taking any photo, get yourself set up at your preferred location.
To apply slow shutter speed under strong sunlight exposure.
Start by experimenting and using manual settings ISO 200, 1/4 - 1/2 SS, A - F16.
(Use a large aperture to create depth of field)
Filters work best at 90 degrees to the sun, but experiment!

Best used on a cloudy day
Manually set white balance.

Time of day taking photos will give: 
Morning - bluer sky's
Midday - White
Evening - Orange

First impressions: 

The build quality is superior; aluminum ring and top quality glass. Light weight and come's in a plastic protective storage case. 

Panasonic ND filter fitted to GX7
Panasonic ND filter fitted to GX7

ND filter with lens cap fitted
ND filter with lens cap fitted

Adapters are available and I have the 46mm - 52 mm to fit 14 and 20 fixed focal lenses.

These products are well made, reasonably priced, small, easy to use and carry. Is the way forward in travel photography


  1. Thank you for sharing. Useful tips. I do not have these lenses, I use filters when processing photos. It is an alternative, there are now a lot of various filters, I chose this. Good luck with photos.


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