Playa Coco, Play Giron, Bay Of Pigs. Cuba

One of my best beaches for me in Cuba, small easy to relax and forget. I have managed to visit this little beach 4 times. Those who follow/read my posts know that I like out the way and not over built places. Play Giron is growing with the increase in tourism, but at a very slow pace. I like to base myself here for a few days then staying 1/2 hour from here at playa Larga. That is much or as little as you want to do or visit from here.


Cuban food cooked right on the beach, by this kind lady who we spent some of our days with and her family. Who made us very welcome and shared their rum. Liliana also helped cook and we had a mix of Cuban/Colombian lunch.

Nice fish lunch

Playa Caltea Buena - Only 15 minutes from Giron on the local bus.

Last day in Playa Giron - Taking the bus to playa Larga from Giron - Happy as we just left the beach and a empty bottle or rum :)


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