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Campervanning - Spain Road Trip

My New Project "Transit camper" 
Crew cab with factory fitted windows.

The Plan*:
The project is underway, with juggling work and converting my new van, for Road Trip "Spain" 2016. Going to keep it simple; the van has a workshop in the rear with storage for 2 bikes, generator, etc..... The living area will have buck beds, cooking area, table & chair.  

*The plan did not happen, also the beard got shaved off! I got as far as north of Bordeaux, returned to England and flew to Colombia. But I am sure I will get there again soon.........

By campervanning you can travel Europe with ease and is the best way to do it, as it gives you more freedom. You can prepare and cook food, just think of all those coffees. Its becomes more cost effective and you can travel for longer. You can stop at beautiful locations, take in the tiny, out-of-the-way villages and enjoy the life!

Spain has more than beaches, it has history on every street corner and spectacular scenery.

The campervan build:

Transit Camper

Team stripes and logos been added

You can also follow Cycle Tech España on Facebook and Instagram as the traveling bicycle mechanic. In Spain (From Mid March 2016)

Lower buck bed, battery box, start of insulation and ply

12 volts. Leisure battery box, relay and fuse box, ideally located to starter battery under drivers seat

Bit of a mess at the mo. Rear workshop and bike storage.
I will also take some carpentry tools, for offering my services free in return for meals.

Sink and twin gas cooker pod SMEV

Kitchen unit

 Insulation, ply and lighting

Storage unit for gas and water

Fiamma Island table leg, seating area

Links & Items used:
  • For those cold nights Silver covers for campervans 
  • Camper-van Insulation Aluminium Thermal HD Double Foil 6mm think 
  • Dimplex Thermostatic Tubular Heaters low watt's and Oil filed radiates 800w 
  • For awanings John Cross Camping centre 01580 883062 for Fiamma Sales 0870 777 8586 Technical 0870 777 8587
  • Legal requirements required to change a van to a motor-home on your V5  HERE
  • Self Build Campervan Conversion Insurance: I have used Shield Total Insurance - Specialists in DIY, motorhome and campervan conversions. They have a special policy that insures your vehicle during, and after your conversion. See their rules HERE.
  • Save money and experiences with Workaway and WWOOF projects.
  • My first built campervan
  • Map of places to stay and of interest in Spain

View my Road Trips HERE

 Travelling without using the large supermarkets and local where possible

Organic food shopping

Digging new vegetable plot - Work Away WWOOF France

 Campervan Cooking

Time for a cold beer "cin cin"


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