Visiting Coffee Farms. Rovira Tolima Colombia

A taste of coffee plantation life!
Always a pleasure to get away from the big city and get to what I call the real Colombia.
And visit the Fincas "small coffee farms" set high in the central Andes. This time of year the rain can be heavy, but makes a nice view with the clouds when they clear or sit low through the valley. This trip was a long weekend staying with a family and walking to other fincas visiting more family, as you know Colombians have large families. This coffee area is known as Buena Vista and another coffee area from Rovira I like to visit is LuisaMost Colombian coffee growers live in fincas whose coffee cultivation's plots do not surpass 2 hectares (5 acres) on average.

1 hour off road drive from the town of Rovira in a Willie's Jeep. 

High in the central Colombian Andes between the clouds.

Scorpion being removed.

Typical Cooking on the finca

View of lush slops looking down to the coffee fincas we visited for lunch.

Two of many parrots found in this area


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